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Benjamin Pine Uniforms

Our uniform is  compulsory. Any child wearing the incorrect uniform will have to change. We will contact the parents and they will have to rectify the situation. We are also strict with the children’s hairstyles and how their hair is cut.

Grade R

These little ones wear a cherry red T Shirt with their Grade R logo printed on the front. They may wear the school culottes (girls) and shorts (boys) together with shoes of their choice. They use the black and red school back pack. They may wear the school tracksuit in cold weather. School beanies, scarves, gloves and sports kit is available at the shop. They must wear the school PE Kit as detailed, as well as the school costume, a silicone swimming cap in their house colour and a black school towel embroidered with their name and the school badge.


Grade’s 1 to 5

Girls wear a white poly cotton blouse, trimmed in red piping with the school name and badge embroidered on the pocket. This is worn with a culotte made from tetrix in black. White ankle socks and regular black school shoes complete the uniform.

Grade 6 and 7

These girls wear the same blouse, shoes and socks, however they may choose to wear a black tetrix skirt with box pleats rather than the culottes.


Boys wear a white poly cotton shirt with the school name and badge embroidered on the pocket. They wear black twill shorts with this and long plain grey knee socks and regular black lace up school shoes.


Boys and girls may wear the sleeveless black pullover with the school badge embroidered on it. There is a black quantic track suit lined in 100% cotton with a cherry red insert at the collar and the child’s name and school badge embroidered on it.
Black school beanies with the school badge may be worn together with black scarves and gloves in cold weather.
Sunhats with the school badge are available for hot weather.
There are various types of school bags available in black with the school badge which can be used according to the child’s age and needs.

Sports Kit

The PE Kit for all is a t-shirt in the learners house colour, whether it be blue, red or green, worn with quantic shorts and skooters.

Girls will wear polybirdseye sleeveless top in red, black and white available for athletics, hockey netball. This top is compulsory for all girls who make hockey, netball and athletic teams.

The shirt in polybirdseye is compulsory for all boys who represent our school.
There is a white cricket hat available with the school badge for all players.

Black and white polybirdsye shorts are available for all children who make any sporting team. The polybirdseye fabric helps to keep moisture away from the body and keep the child cool while active.

All team players are required to wear the appropriate sports shoes, ie white takkies for cricket and netball and black hockey boots or black takkies for hockey and black takkies or soccer boots for soccer.

All items, except for shoes, are available at the school uniform shop on the school premises.

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